‘Scatter Seeds of Kindness’ from K.A. Bloch has been chosen to be featured at the upcoming ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition in June 2022

The new book from the author is a collection of poems about life and love.

Washington D.C. June 20, 2022 – Another fine collection of poems from a well-known author, K.A. Bloch, will be featured at the upcoming ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition in June 2022. The event has been recognized as the world’s biggest library event scheduled in Washington. 

The new book is a fine collection of poems that reflects the author’s personal experiences and shares the inspiration behind each poem. “I’m excited to see my book at the ALA Annual Conference. I’m equally grateful for the appreciation readers have shown towards this book,” said K.A. Bloch, whose last book ‘Walk through a Field of Flowers’ received a remarkable response. 

The book primarily explores themes of love, life, our memories and how they shape our life, society at large and bullying. Readers can expect to see some light-hearted poems as well that have been written with the sole purpose of bringing a smile to the reader’s face.

“The book aims to help readers to act with kindness even in situations where it is hard to show compassion. Some raw and vulnerable, some light and humorous, these verses encourage you to be kind to others and yourself. The book has been written to leave the readers hopeful and optimistic about life,“ the author added. 

Published in October 2022 by Balboa Press, the book is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Balboa Press.