“Author K.A Bloch’s Scatter Seeds of Kindness is a book full of heartwarming and inspiring poems…” ★★★★★ – Literary Titan

Scatter Seeds of Kindness

Scatter Seeds of Kindness presents a new collection of poetry from K. A. Bloch, the author of Walk through a Field of Flowers. Her poetry explores a wide variety of themes, such as memories and how they impact our life, the passage of time, stereotypes within society, and bullying. She also includes fun and lighthearted poems designed to bring a smile to your face and shares her struggles with trying to practice kindness and not always succeeding. Sometimes raw and vulnerable, sometimes light and humorous, these verses encourage you to be kind not only to others but also to yourself. This poetry collection presents personal life experiences and thoughts set in verses and provides the inspiration or motivation behind each poem. Scatter seeds of kindness Wherever you may go. Reach deep inside your heart And scatter them to and fro. Scatter seeds of kindness And bring a few to share. You never know when you’ll find the chance To show someone you care.

About the Author

Kristin first began rhyming words together at a very young age. Soon these words expanded into poems and stories that enchanted family and friends. A compilation of those writings was released in her first book, Walk Through a Field of Flowers. After a long hiatus from writing, Kristin released her second book, Scatter Seeds of Kindness in 2021. Embracing her love of fitness, Kristin is a certified Personal Trainer and Certified Pilates Instructor teaching several classes per week. Kristin is a huge animal lover and has volunteered for rescue organizations, many times bringing her “work” home with her in the form of a new furry friend. Kristin also holds a MBA degree from the University of Phoenix.

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