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Walk Through a Field of Flowers

Life is tough and full of hard times and heartache, but it’s also beautiful and plush and vibrant. Walk Through a Field of Flowers is a collection of poems gathered over a lifetime starting as a young child. Some are autobiographical, others are written as an observer of life and other people’s struggles or situations. The Author has added her own thoughts about each poem and explained the meaning and origin; sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and occasionally with a little humility. Throughout the book, the Author often compares the perspective of an innocent young girl versus the somewhat jaded, sometimes cynical perspective of an adult.

A collection of poems and short stories inspired by life, love, and some heartache along the way…

Scatter Seeds of Kindness

Scatter Seeds of Kindness presents a new collection of poetry from K. A. Bloch, the author of Walk through a Field of Flowers. Her poetry explores a wide variety of themes, such as memories and how they impact our life, the passage of time, stereotypes within society, and bullying. She also includes fun and lighthearted poems designed to bring a smile to your face and shares her struggles with trying to practice kindness and not always succeeding. Sometimes raw and vulnerable, sometimes light and humorous, these verses encourage you to be kind not only to others but also to yourself. 

Poems and short stories about life, love, and the things that shape our souls…