Follow your Bliss?? Or Why Bother??

So many of us do things outside of our “day” jobs that bring us joy and happiness. We may not get rich; we may not be successful or even discovered in this lifetime. Yet many times we are asked about how much money we are making, or if our product(s) are selling well. For me that is a frustrating question because I am doing it for the love of it. I am aware of the phrase “Do what you love and the money will follow”, and being human and trying to survive in these trying economic times, of course I hope this is the case. But I am not banking on it. That being said, I will continue to “do my thing” and hope good things will continue to happen, whether or not that equals financial gains.

Here is a link to a blog that was posted on called “What Defines Success as a Published Author? It Takes More than Talent!” Actually, it wasn’t so much the blog that spoke to me; it was someone named Melvin Hathorn’s response. His response was titled “Why Bother” and here is the link to both the article and his reply:…/

I am sharing this because Melvin’s response resonated with me in so many ways, but especially these words from him: ‘Recognition may or may not come in this lifetime. It may never come. Pursuing something that is as fickle and elusive as fame and fortune is frustrating and depressing; that way lies madness. 

So. Paint your picture. Compose your music. Write your story. Build your widget. You may not make much money. You may not achieve fame, fortune and recognition. But you will be happy. I guarantee it.

Perhaps Joseph Campbell was right when he said, “Follow your bliss.”’

Thanks Melvin, for your words of wisdom and encouragement to continue to do whatever brings on the bliss!