Book Review by Book Excellence

Scatter Seeds of Kindness is a beautifully personal and evocative anthology of poems, short stories, and essays that welcomes you into one woman’s world, memories, and feelings. With each verse, recollection, and tale you find yourself feeling increasingly like a friend the author is confiding in. Each poem, short story, and essay is related in a warm, accessible, and simple manner. The collection includes a genuine, somewhat wistful exploration of one person’s thoughts and emotions about the world around her and the life she has lived, told in beautifully affecting prose. As you make your way through the collection you begin to recognize and empathize with Bloch’s companionable, warm voice which becomes more familiar and understandable as your knowledge of her memories and past grows. The poems are crafted with a confident, expert voice with lyrical meditations on love, loss, memories, life, and music. If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing, and comforting read, then you can turn to this lovely collection and settle down into the thoughts and feelings of a particularly engaging, likable, and empathetic author. — Review by Book Excellence (